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T-Shirt iQ Fisch
Größe Standard: M
T-Shirt iQ FischFarbe: flintstone

22,50 €*
T-Shirt iQ-Fisch
Größe Standard: M
T-Shirt iQ-FischFarbe: blau

22,50 €*
WOMEN'S UV-Shirt Langarm by Ocean Ramsey
Größe Standard: S
design by Ocean RamseyWOMEN'S WATER INSPIRED UV 6OZ L/S mit Schlüsseltasche Premium 6-ounce, 4-way stretch fabric- Comfortable, snug "second skin" fit- Tested and UPF rated to block over 98% of UVA/UVB radiation from the sun- Streamlined left key pocketThe Story of the Water Print"For me, this water piece represents life. I feel that water, and specifically the ocean, is the connective medium that links us all together. It also reminds me to live life to the fullest, because whether I'm sliding across a wave on a surfboard, or gliding underwater among sharks, whales and dolphins, these are the best and most profound moments of my life. I hope this piece inspires and helps you to live life to the fullest, enjoy your time in the water more, and especially to make choices and take actions to protect our oceans and marine life. Please help to reduce, reuse and recycle for future generations to enjoy." -  Ocean Ramsey

59,95 €*